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Here are a couple more places worth stopping at when you visit Tongeren although these are just the tip of the iceberg. Tongeren has fabulous shopping. The sad thing is that on Sundays during the antique market, the non-antique shops are mostly closed, so we can only peer in the windows of the beautiful clothing shops. If you happen to go to Tongeren during the week, you’ll be sure to enjoy some fabulous clothing stores and a couple very cute children’s clothing/toy stores as well. Just walk up Maastrichterstraat and you’ll find them all.

Antique Shops:

Antiek “Illo Tempore”
Kloosterstraat 3; Tongeren

Located just below the church on the hill, you’ll find this beautiful antique store. This is not a place for bargain hunters, but if you want an absolutely fantastic piece worthy of “the roadshow,” then you’ll find something special here. Prices are not for the fainthearted, but you’ll get what you pay for. If you don’t have a lot of time, sticking to the market is best, but if you have time to wander, then it’s worth a look if even just to dream. Plus, the church is beautiful and right next to this lovely shop is a very nice restaurant.

Antiek & Brocante “De Hoog Groaf”
Leopoldwal 56; Tongeren
Open: Sat 1300-1800 & Sun 0800-1400

Directly across from the outdoor market along the portion by the old wall, is this wonderful find. If you like tile, go here. The tiles are old, beautiful, and genuine – having been removed from buildings. Inside you’ll find boxes of gorgeous tiles that have been cleaned up a bit. In the large backyard, you’ll find bin after been of all sorts of tiles. It’s fun to rummage through it all. Inside there are also several nice BIG antique cabinets. This place also makes custom sink pieces – ENORMOUS “Texas” sized marble sinks set into beautiful cabinets. They’d probably put most of us over our weight allowance, but they are amazing, especially after enduring years with these tiny German sinks.


Maastrichterstraat 62; Tongeren
Closed: Mondays

I don’t think that I can eat anywhere else in Tongeren now. This place has won a place in my little book of cappuccinos. A fabulous bakery. Wow. Do go there. This one is just up the street from the square on Maastrichterstraat – just continue up the hill a block or two and you’ll find it on the right just past where the last vendors sit. The owners are master bakers – and Belgian bakers are HIGHLY influenced by the French bakeries, so you’ll be sure to find something that you love here. The desserts are beautiful – little works of art – and as delicious as they are beautiful. As for “real” food… get a quiche. These are the best and even rival my mothers which is quite a statement. The cappuccinos are served with a tiny side of chocolate mousse which makes the second cup even that much sweeter. There is seating inside where it’s warm and the ladies who work there are very nice. Pick a number at the busy time so you don’t get forgotten at the front counter and do go early. By 1, there are still a few delicious things left, but the choices will be greatly reduced.

De Kroon
On the corner of Veemarkt and Maastrichterstraat

Well prepared for antique shoppers with a clean bathroom and a small non-smoking section, De Kroon makes a beautiful omelet as well as other delicious items for very reasonable prices. The food is quick and while they’ll gladly allow to you sit all day sipping coffee or beer, they won’t begrudge you your bill either. An easy quick stop for something good on a cold day. They have pastas, soups, salads, sandwiches, and omelets (and English translations on their menu).


Aquarelles by Josette Fransen
Grand Route 161; Wonck

Josette had a show in Tongeren recently, but she’s not there all the time. Still, if you enjoy watercolor and didn’t get a souvenir when you were in Greece, she’s worth asking about. She does a lot of very nice Greek door paintings and a few with water and boats.

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