Local Christmas Markets

Though the large markets are nice, sometimes the small local markets really make you feel more a part of the community and less of a tourist. This is where you’ll run into people that you know. Here are some of the smaller local market dates. If you find another one, let us all know!

30 Nov – 2 Dec — Nikolausmarkt in Geilenkirchen with traditional gifts, food, and wooden handcrafts. Open Friday from 1600-2200, Saturday from 1100-2200 with stores open until 2000, and Sunday from 1200-1800. On Saturday night, December 1st, at the Stadthalle, there will be a free Big Band concert, “Swingin’ X-mas,” at 1930. More information on the concert is at: http://www.ssbbigband.de/.

1-2 Dec — Ophoven-Wassenburg Adventsmarkt (east of Heinsburg). Open Saturday 1200-1900 and Sunday 1000-1900. This is the 20th annual Adventsmarkt in Ophoven to raise money for children with cancer. It’s known locally as the “Market with heart,” friendly for families and children, and giving back to the community. Full of beautiful crafts, this is one special event. There is a free shuttle bus from the Wassenburg park and ride to the Ophoven markt area.

2 December 1000-1900 — Nikolausmarkt in Gangelt with over 160 vendors and many shops open. St. Nikolaus will be there handing out fruit (oranges or apples) to the children and there will be live music. Parking can be a challenge, but there are over 2000 new parking places set aside for this day. Just look for signs when coming into the town. The market will be centered around the church and old town gates.

9 December from 1000-1900 Weinachtsmarkt in Waldfeucht — Assorted gifts, crafts, handwork, toys, and a children’s flea market.

And the not so local… but I discovered this one while reading through the Drei-Lander-Kurier (local paper) and then looked it up and – wow. Amazing.

Goslar – Nov 28- Dec 30- this place looks beautiful and the website is great. For a weekend or just a long day, it could be really special and out of the norm. The old town is a UNESCO world heritage site – more than 1000 years old for you history buffs!

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  1. Anonymous December 10, 2008 5:56 pm #

    We went to Goslar and it is so worth the trip. It is a precious town with a stream running through it. It is located in the Hartz region and there are large rolling hills all around. There is hiking all around too. There are lots of other villages to visit in the area too. If you are looking for activities, they have a local mine near by. They have regular tours and offer group tours. They have really really good food in the area too. It is about a four hour drive with no traffic. If you can visit, it is worth the trip. In the summer there are tons and tons of activities in the area for families. Visit their website and check it out. Enjoy!

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