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Since we are PCSing and my husband had to ship his truck back to the States, he took it to Hans Borger to be detailed. Hans did an incredible job. When we got the truck back, it looked practically brand new! And it passed inspection with flying colors. Hans works at Schinnen and knows the inspectors at the Vehicle Processing Office, so he is well aware of what the inspections entail.

Hans Borger
CMR 461
Box 3003
APO AE 09703

0031-45-527-4853 or 0031-640-87-1385

My husband drives a Chevy Silverado…an extra large pickup truck, but Hans had it done in less than 8 hours and he charged 100 euros. It was well worth every cent.

I should also mention that he does the work at his home, not at Schinnen. He lives in Brunssum, and his house is very easy to find. He speaks excellent English. He’s a license plate collector, so even if you don’t have to get your car detailed, contact him if you have any license plates that you want to get rid of.

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