APO shipping from any site!!!

Wow! This was just passed along to me. And what timing! With Christmas just around the corner, this will come in handy!

This service at shipitapo.com allows you to shop anywhere online and ship to your APO when the company will not ship to an APO . There is a small fee attached each time you mail it but its cheaper and faster than mailing it to your family back home and then having them send it to you! Register and they will give you a shipitapo address which you will then use for any company that will not ship to your APO. The handling costs are pretty clear cut and reasonable especially when you take into account the cost savings you will find when you are able to really “shop around” on the internet!

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  1. TDY Widow January 12, 2009 12:05 pm #

    I can now say that we’ve used this service!!! Registering was easy and shipping was quick! With all the great deals on the internet, the cost of using this site is little compared to the savings you can find when you have the ability to really shop around!

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