Website: Local Kid Activities

In trying to find out some information on a kinder park in Julich that I’ve heard good things about, I stumbled across this website. It is completely in German, but also has a lot of information on kid-friendly fun locations in our area and beyond. Each entry will have a photo, a brief description (auf deutch), then a phrase in bold that says what ages this activity/location would be good for.

[ab Kleinkindalter] — for young kids (pre-school age and older)
[ab 5 Jahren] – for ages five and older
[ab Babyalter] – for babies and older
[ab Schulalter] – for school kids (ages 6 or 7) and older

As you scroll down and see something that you would like to know more about, click the tiny link below each sections that says “weiter.” It will lead you to a full article, with phone numbers, addresses, websites, open times, and more.

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