Tree2Tree – Climbing trees is fun!

Reader Recommendation…

“Driving around near the mall we happened upon several people climbing around in some trees in a forest. There were various structures built in and around these trees (rope and log bridges, zip lines, etc), and the people up there had climbing harnesses and were attached to cables. We realized this was some organized thing, and upon closer investigation noted that this was the Tree2Tree “Hochseilgarten”. Like a high ropes course, but it wasn’t all high (3 to 36ft) and wasn’t all ropes. I have always wanted to climb around like that; Adults can spend the day (okay, 4 hrs) there for 22 Euro, which includes equipment and safety training (I think they might speak English). Kids (who must be 1 m tall I think) and families cost less. We totally plan to go before we leave.”
(not in English)

Take A42 exit 10 (Oberhausen-Zentrum) bzw. A516, follow the signs to the “Zentrum” then look for signs for Gasometer Oberhausen” (Address and better directions coming soon)


This looks like a lot of fun – definitely one to try especially with older kids or a youth activities group. If you go, please leave comments. I don’t like putting things up on this site with no voice of experience, but this place looks like a lot of fun. Swiss Family Robinson gone wild!

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