Middelberg Konditorei Cafe & Confiserie

Just when I thought I’d had the best German cake around, I found a bakery that has topped them all!

In Aachen, this cafe set on the corner of a small street right off of the Markt makes the absolutely best cake I’ve eaten since moving here. With various cakes and chocolates make on the premises, you are sure to find something that you like. I had a chocolate mousse cake with berries on top – the best mousse ever with the perfect chocolate intensity – it will be my next birthday cake.

I was just here again recently early before the shops were opening and found that Middelberg has an amazing breakfast buffet. It looked delicious and the prices seamed reasonable too! The downstairs has just a few seats, but go upstairs. There are several rooms as you walk back. Looks deceivingly small, but isn’t.

Konditerei – Cafe – Confiserie
Rethelstrasse 6
Aachen 52062
Tel: (aachen prefix?) 39167
Email: cafemiddelberg@aol.com

Open: M-F 0900-1830; Sat 0900-1800; Sun 1030-1800

(Rethelstrasse runs parallel to the market square just between
Buchelstrasse and Kramerstrasse)

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