Children’s Birthday Party Locations

Indoor Playgrounds:

  • Although I have not been here yet personally, I have heard from many that it is comparable or even better than Pee Wee’s in Neiderheid. Some say it’s cleaner.
  • Open: Mon- Fri 1000-1900; Sat and Sun and holidays 1000-2200
  • Tel: 02452-977655
  • Web:
  • Price: Kids under 2: Free; Kids up to age 12: 4 Euros; Adults: 3 Euros; Grandma and Grandpa are free.
  • Special Activities:
    • On Thursdays from 1500-1900, for 8 Euros, kids have entrance and a meal with a drink.
  • Every 1st and 3rd Friday of each month, there is kids disco from 1800-2200
  • Every Friday and Saturday in the summer months, there is a Biergarten with a grill from 1800-2200
  • Birthday parties: There are several different party options that include different amounts of food and toys for the kids. There is even a disco party available for older kids, and a picnic party. Go to the website. Click on Deutche Version on the left, then click on Partyangebote for the list of parties. You’ll be able to figure out what is included and the price for each.
  • Castle’s:

    • Kasteel Hoensbroek: What could be better than a dress up party at a castle where each guest dresses as a princess or prince? Or… play old traditional games at the castle, or better yet… go on a mystery hunt through the castle. All the information is online and in English with pricing too. We’ve gone to kid parties here and they are always a lot of fun.
    • Tea Parties at Kasteel Doenrade: Though the website makes no mention of it, the great people at the Doenrade castle near Schinnen will put together a beautiful High Tea for your group. A group of Americans here had High Tea for a group of mothers and daughters for only 10Euros a person and said that it was wonderful. Definitely worth looking into…


    • Snowworld: Though the English part of the website doesn’t give any party information, the Dutch site does. Just go to the Dutch homepage, roll your mouse over “kids” in the orange band near the top, then scroll down and click on “kidsparty.” Prices for parties range from 12.50-20 Euros depending on if you include lessons or not. Snow parties are appropriate for ages 6 to 12. A minimum of 6 children is required. Call: +31(0)45-5470700 for more information and reservations.
    • Brunssum Swimming Pool (at the base): For fun with almost no clean-up, the Brunssum swimming pool is a great place for a party. Call — 0031-45-526-3172
      • Parties are booked for 2 hours. Times are: Friday 1900-2100, Saturday and Sundays 1000-1200 and 1600-1800.
      • Traditional party food is allowed just to the side of the pool office, but it does get pretty sticky with the combination of a wet floor and the food that kids drop. If the weather is nice, I suggest having the food/cake portion of the party outside. Just outside the pool area doors is a very nice green space and a play structure just down the little hill. I’ve done this twice now. The only glitch is that it works best for the 1000-1200 time slot as the pool closes after other party times and they need to lock up. We have borrowed their chairs and tables, hauled them out to the playground area, and continued the party there with kids running and playing. If you choose a later time, just keep in mind that you’ll need to bring your own table and lawn chairs and there won’t be a bathroom available.
      • Prices are 50Euros for 15 kids though talk to the pool manager. Some are flexible and allow more children in the pool for the same price if there are adults/parents in the pool with them.
      • Parties include the lifeguard, the use of both the big pool and the small wading pool (gated for safety), and the large inflatable crocodile, octopus, or trampoline. All are a lot of fun.
    • Hay hotel:
      • For something truly different, try sleeping in the hay. The hay hotel also has parties that include the hay ride, games on the playground, cake, and drinks. Stay the night and enjoy a nice breakfast the next morning. German skills will help to book this one although the nice couple that runs it do speak a little bit of English. Find this place just 10 minutes south of the base in Beeck.
      • Familie Cremer: Am Mühlenhof 29, 52511 Geilenkirchen (Beeck)
      • Tel.: 02453 699
      • Web:

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