Polish Pottery Outlet near Ultrecht, NL

NOTE: This opportunity is available for non-EU members only. Clip BV is a distributor of Polish Pottery to shops in the region and has extended these shopping days to the American, Canadian, and Japanese ladies in the region as a nice opportunity for us and a way for them to test the market and see how different patterns and items will be received.

Some of you have heard about the Polish Pottery outlet up “near” Amsterdam/Ultrecht. Until today’s opening of the pottery shop in Laandgraf, it was the closest place to get your Polish Pottery fix outside of Poland.

They now have a website – fun to peruse and look at all the patterns available. Do call them if you have questions. If you have been there before, do recheck the address. They have moved and are in their new location. The address listed below is the wholesale warehouse. A lot of bazaar vendors get their pottery there to resell. In the past, they were only open for groups on Fridays, now you can go in any number – even individuals – on Fridays. Calling before going is always a good idea. And, if you’re going with a large group, do call ahead. They like to be prepared for larger groups.

Clip BV
Polish Pottery Warehouse
Ohmstraat 18a
3861 NB Nijkerk
Tel: 0031-033-253-3590

Web: http://www.clipbv.nl/bunzlau/en/index.html
Open to the public: Almost every Friday morning from 0930 – 1400. Closed on school holidays and public holidays. Groups and individuals are welcome to shop.

The Drive: Two hours almost exactly.

The Location: The Ohmstraat is not on any navigation system, so use Watergoorweg. Once you’re there, then you can look for a side street called Ohmstraat.

The Place: Crowded with tightly packed aisles of Polish Pottery both in and out of boxes. It is almost all factory firsts – therefore, the best quality. Prices are decent without the VAT. With VAT, they’re still better than the states, but hurt a little more.

VAT: They wouldn’t take a VAT form when I went, but others have said that they do, so bring one. It can’t hurt.

4 Responses to “Polish Pottery Outlet near Ultrecht, NL”

  1. Kerry Johnson November 25, 2012 2:46 pm #

    Does anyone know what the address is of their one in Laandgraf? Thanks!

    • Catherine Picard January 2, 2013 6:16 pm #

      Hoogstraat 30, 6373 HW Landgraaf
      Mon. 1300-1800
      Thurs & Fri. 1000-1800
      Sat. 1000-1700

      Bring a vat form….good luck!

  2. Anonymous February 25, 2011 1:42 pm #

    URL for shop is http://www.bunzlau.nl/

  3. Anonymous January 27, 2008 1:25 pm #

    I’m Japanese who lived near Amsterdam and moved to Limburg area. We Japanese really like to collect Polish Pottery like you.
    We’ve seen each other in the shop in Utrecht, right?
    When we set navigation system, we should use Watergoorweg!
    It’s good information for my friends. They said it was difficult to reach there because it is not on the Navigation system.
    I will go to the shop in Landgraaf.

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