Mexican Food Import Store!

One of the most missed foods here is, of course, Mexican. And while a lot of us can cook decent Mexican food, it is difficult to find the ingredients. But, in Aachen, there is a wonderful distributor of Mexican (and American) foods. There you can get it all – from adobe and nopoles, to all sorts of bocadillos, salsas, tequillas, and even, mezcal.

Mex-Al El Sombrero GmbH
Feldchen 12
52070 Aachen
phone: 0241 918 540
fax: 0241 918 54 33

Open: On Fridays only from 0900-1700

They speak German (of course) and Spanish well.

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  1. Laura September 30, 2007 1:00 pm #

    Oh this is great info! I’ve been ordering my Mexican ingredients online because I didn’t know there was a store here. Thanks for sharing!!!

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