Road Closure – Schinnen 20 Aug – 14 Oct

This is information that has been passed on and is not yet confirmed.

FYI: I just received a notice (from Schinnen City Hall) about some
road work that may impact personnel traveling between GK and Schinnen.

The road between Puth and Schinnen (Holleweg) is scheduled to be
closed 20 Aug thru 14 Oct. Spread the word and plan accordingly.

Schinnen Detour: The most common, and quickest detour from the GK area is to continue towards the overpass where the road curves sharply to the left, curve left with the road, then instead of curving right towards Puth, turn off the road to the left where the sign says “Oirsbeek.” Turn right on that main road. Turn right at the first signal. Turn right again at the first right in between two buildings. The road will be narrow and go down through a shady street with nice homes, then come flat, curve to the left, then the right, and take you into a small farming area. When the road ends you will be on the main road through Schinnen right next to the auto place with large black and red pennants. Turn left there, then you’ll recognize the road you’re on. Turn right at the large intersection with the strip mall on the left, then proceed straight until you land at the front gate.

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