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Here are a just a few helpful local links that can come in handy. If you think of another that should be here, please pass it along.

Installation Guides: (http://benefits.military.com/misc/installations/Landing_Page.jsp) an invaluable resource – sometimes much better than the individual base websites
USAG Schinnen (http://www.usagschinnen.eur.army.mil/sites/local/)
Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base (http://www.e3a.nato.int/)
JFC Brunssum (http://www.jfcbs.nato.int/)
Spangdahlem Air Base (http://www.spangdahlem.af.mil/)

AFNorth International School (http://www.afnorth-is.com/index-1.html)

Bitburg High School (http://www.bitb-hs.eu.dodea.edu/)

Communities: (These sites can provide a wealth if you just take a few minutes to browse them
Germany – Regional Site in English (http://www.city-map.de/?lg=de&p=04) Click on the flag for English, the click on the map for the region in Germany that you want to see.

Aachen, DE (http://www.aachen.city-map.de/) — click on the flag for English
Geilenkirchen, DE (http://www.web-toolbox.net/gk-en/index.htm)
Gangelt, DE (http://www.gangelt.de/index.php4)
Heinsberg, DE (http://www.heinsberg.city-map.de) — click on the flag for English
Maastricht, NL (http://www.vvvmaastricht.nl/)
Schinnen, NL (http://www.schinnen.nl/)
Sittard, NL (http://sittard.digicity.nl/vvv/)

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