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We arrive here as intelligent, competent adults who have set up new telephone, Internet and utilities a million times before. It’s not hard. And Germany isn’t a third world country, so it should be simple, right? Wrong.

We are capable people, but the system here is different. Utilities are set up differently. You can’t just make one call, flip one switch, and within 24 hours feel “normal.”

A lot of us flounder and the horror stories back that up. Fortunately, now, there is a great German woman who speaks fluent English and has set up a new business to help us all transition.

Here’s her basic info… check out the website or call for more information. I used her to translate some German school documents and help me fill out the paperwork. I know others who have signed up with her Comfort plan who are very happy and didn’t struggle with the 6 weeks wait and over charging for phone and Internet that I had.

Some of you know of Easy Stay Germany.  Jennifer and her husband Alan are no longer running that company, but have begun a new company that does the same things and even more.  

KPK-Business will 
  • Help with setting up telephone & internet correctly with Germany’s largest provider directly (T-Com) and not through T-Com’s daughter company – TKS, and because we have access beyond the T-Com helpline, we can actually get you setup much quicker, normally within 5 days, as opposed to the usual 2 weeks. 

  • English language TV is another service we offer. Not everyone wants to watch German TV, either because they don’t understand the language or because those one-liners and political taunts simply don’t translate. For people who have access to VAT forms or can purchase VAT free, we can supply them with English Sky, Freesat & Free-To-View decoders as well as the viewing cards for the Sky boxes as we have formed a unique partnership with Europe’s largest UK based Satellite TV provider, SkySat-Europe.

  • We can also help with re-aligning satellite dishes to point in the right  direction so they can watch either Sky, Freesat or AFN. As AFN is changing from  Hotbird to Eurobird by the end of July this year, we can re-align and  re-calibrate AFN decoders so no one is left without TV.

  • Through KPK-Business you have access to exclusive deals with one of Europe´s High End producers of Hi-Fi & Home Theatre sound systems.  If you´re looking to upgrade your Hi-Fi speakers or wanting a great Home Theatre sound experience, where solid deep bass, brilliant mid-tones and high end peaks are crystal clear, not forgetting the competitive price, then Quadral is the brand you should seriously consider. Personalise your speakers with a choice of over 200 colours on the Aurum series or choose from compact surround sound units to fully loaded High-End Hi-Fi and Home Theatre systems. Quadral… German engineering built to perfection.

Most of our services can be done via email and any payments can be made via credit card or bank transfer.

We’re also on for the Geilenkirchener’s amongst us and also Facebook under KPK Business, so please check us out on there too!

KPK Business
Alan & Jenny
Tel:         +49 (0)2451-4900682
Fax:        +49 (0)2451-4900683

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  1. Amber July 12, 2009 6:56 pm #

    This is now called MidThinkers. They can still be found at or

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