Cafe Curioso

Cafe Curioso
Erkelenzer Strasse 16
Tel: 02452-930727
Cafe Open: Saturday and Sunday 1000-1900Das Atelier: Antique Shop
Open: Mon-Thurs 1400-1900, Sat 1000-1900

Eclecticism at its best, Cafe Curioso mixes it up – from the truly beautiful to the strangely tacky adorning what feels like some one’s living room to the cramped upstairs with treasures hidden among the antiques, here you can dine, shop, and on the best days, enjoy soulful blues that will put you right down on Bourbon street like you were back ‘in the day.”

For antiques, I’ll stick to Tongeren though you will find treasures here if you dig enough. But, go to a Blue’s Night… you’ll get a dose of atmosphere and curiosity mixing a memory you won’t soon forget.

For food… the quiche and cakes are delicious and I’ve heard… that the breakfast is difficult to beat.


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