The National Park ‘De Hoge Veluwe’

The National Park ‘De Hoge Veluwe
Apeldoornseweg 250
7351 TA Hoenderloo
The Netherlands
Tel: 0900 – 464 3835 (Mon.-Fri, 20 ct/m)
International +31 (0)55 – 378 81 16
Fax: 055 – 378 8119
Entrance Hoenderloo: Houtkampweg 13; 7352 TC Hoenderloo — (GPS: 188243 / 459001)

Entrance Otterlo: Houtkampweg 9; 6731 AV Otterlo — (GPS: 182411 / 457249)
Entrance Schaarsbergen: Koningsweg 17; 6816 TC Schaarsbergen — (GPS: 187952 / 449636)

This park was recommended to me by a friend as a great day trip and place to take the kids. Known for the 1700 white bicycles that you can pick up at the entrance and use to get around the park, De Hoge Veluwe offers large park grounds with trails, wildlife, a restaurant, a museum, and camping facilities.

Check out their website to plan your trip!

Below is a bit of information that I got from tripsite on bicycling in the park. Here’s the website ( The information follows. The website will also give you great information on other bicycle trips in that area.

The following attractions are all located in the National Park ‘De Hoge Veluwe’ (or simply the Veluwe). Entrances to the Veluwe can be found just outside the city of Arnhem and in the villages of Schaarsbergen, Otterlo and Hoenderloo. With more than 5,500 hectares of woods, heath, sand drifts and fens, the Hoge Veluwe National Park is the largest nature reserve in Holland. The park at one time was the private estate of Mr. and Mrs. Kroller-Muller, a wealthy industrialist family from Amsterdam.

The Kroller-Muller Museum is located in the Veluwe, and hosts 278 paintings by Van Gogh, a collection of early Flemish masters and works by modern artists. An outdoor sculpture park, the Beeldenpark, is located next to the museum.

Hop on one of the many free white bicycles and explore the beautiful nature of the Veluwe Park by following the trails and bicycle paths. Information can be obtained from the National Park Visitors Center at the Houtkampweg in the village of Otterlo. Another visitors center is located in the middle of the park and includes an underground museum and a very nice cafeteria-style restaurant with an outdoor patio and a playground for children.

The magnificent Hunting Lodge Saint Hubertus, built in 1920 by the famous architect Berlage, is also located in the Veluwe. All of the furniture was designed for the building and all symbolism is related to the life of St. Hubert.”

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