Spang Fall Bazaar

Spangdahlem Air Force Base Fall Bazaar
Nov 16-18th, 2007

What? This bazaar filled two hangers in 2006 with a wide variety of vendors. It is a great place to knock-out Christmas shopping. Prices are high with some vendors and lower with others, so it evens out. The bazaar takes credit cards, so you don’t need to worry about taking wads of cash.

Food? Each squadron at Spang hosts a food trailer, so there’s a large variety of some pretty tasty foods available. The food does take US CASH only, so be prepared especially if you bring non-American friends.

Who? All NATO ID holders are welcome. I took some Spanish friends last year and we had a good time. It was the first time they’d seen American money.

To go, or not to go? A 90 minute drive one-way just to shop might be a little excessive, but this bazaar is a lot of fun, absolutely huge, and at Spang, so when you’re tired of the bazaar, you can pick up all those American odds and ends that you can’t get here.

Last years vendors: German Nutcrackers and Dolls, Bavarian dresses and lederhosen, Italian Murano glass, Polish pottery and wood crafts, antiques, candy, wines, leather, Norwegian wool sweaters, Peruvian alpaca, paintings, Italian pottery, Australian tiles, kitchen stuff, Polish nativity scenes, candies, chocolates, buttered rum, Belgian tapestries, Turkish carpets, and more. There was almost too much to see, but the variety was nice. The antiques are pricey – go to Tongeren instead. The Belgian tapestries were gorgeous as well with great variety – less expensive than shopping in Brussels, but higher than our local vendor here.

Spangdahlem notes: Spang has a Burger King, a commissary, and a Base Exchange with clothing and electronics. To find toys and household goods, you need to go to the BX at Bitburg just down the road.

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