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Frank en Maud Pustjens
Nieuw Holsterweg 50
6061 EH Posterholt
0475-691108 / 06-52172353

There’s also a Pet Hotel that I am very happy with, it’s all the way up in Posterholt, but totally worth the drive. Pick up and drop off is every day, even Sundays and holidays. Dogs get to play outside in packs all day (weather permitting) instead of being in kennels with limited outside time. Groups are matched in size and temperament. Prices are very reasonable (cheaper than LIHO)

The following kennel is a Reader Recommended, but awaiting update… website and phone number not working…
Dierenpension Spaanshuisken
Spaanshuisken 20
6104 RR Koningsbosch, NL
Tel: (0031) 0475-302884

“It is in Spaanshuisken which is in the Netherlands, but it is really one street attached to Saeffelen. A map (plattegrond) is on the homepage. It is in Dutch only, but the owner, Maurice (a bit of a rocker looking dude), speaks some English. He gets many U.S. and Canadian customers and so far I haven’t heard any complaints. Most important of all he is good with
animals and affordable (8 Euros a night). He also takes small animals like rabbits, hamsters, rats, and birds for 1 Euro a night.”

Hermie’s Hondenpension
Majoorsweg 2
6104RN Koningsbosch

The following kennel is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by several families!!!

Groeneweg 24
6441 LL Brunssum

TEL: 0031-(0)455271479
HOURS: Mon – Saturday
Drop off: 10.00 – 12.00 and 15.00 – 17.00
Pick up: 08.30 – 09.30 and 15.00 – 17.00
Sunday and Holidays: Drop off and Pick up 17.00 – 18.00

Payment? Cash or local account, VISA not accepted
Current shot record required

“They are really wonderful to the pets there. No kennel cough or tics and fleas when I picked her up. I was very happy with them and will use them again.”
LIHO even let me see the facility and then go back later to ‘introduce’ my dogs to it before we actually left them. They are really nice.”
“I loved that they had the play alone/play with others options for the
dogs. They have several fenced in areas (including ones with high fencing for my
little jumpers!) so they can play by themselves if necessary.
“And if you don’t have a vet yet, LIHO can recommend one as well. I used them and were really pleased with their service. I know it’s been said before but LIHO will be the only kennel I’ll use from now on!”

For a list of 42 other pet kennels in S.Limburg including 3 in Schinnen:

The following kennel is NOT recommended by readers…
Dierenhotel Abdissenbosch in Landgraaf, The Netherlands

“Woman at the counter was completely rude… She yelled at me… the wound on one of my dogs foot got worse – and that they put ‘tea tree oil’ on it everyday… I am not confident that my dogs were cared for appropriately – I will not take my dogs there again and I will not recommend it to anyone.” (complete complaint listed in comments to this post)

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  1. jenny April 19, 2011 10:12 am #

    i would like to further recommend hermie as an amazing dogsitter! she and her husband live on a little “farm” with other livestock and board dogs as well. she is friendly and speaks fairly good english although her husband doesn’t. he just smiles and talks about the dogs in dutch. i have a small rat terrier, 12 lbs and a definite couch dog. hermie keeps small dogs inside with her family and her little dog, and puts blankets on her furniture so they can be on the couch and feel at home. her dog plays together nicely with all the other dogs, and hermie keeps them well fed by spicing up the food i bring with special wet food! a nice rare treat for my dog. she even lets me bring my dog’s bedding and toys if i wish. her rate is 8 euro a night for my dog (we pay in cash), although it might be higher for larger dogs. large dogs board outside, and several of our friends have said they come home happy and tired from all the outdoor play and good food. my dog is like a daughter to me and i feel confident and calm leaving her with hermie because she feels like family. my dog never wants to leave hermie’s!

  2. Maria July 9, 2008 8:06 pm #

    In any case, just wondering if anyone else had a bad experience at the Dierenhotel Abdissenbosch in Landgraaf, The Netherlands. Woman at the counter was completely rude right from the time I entered the kennel until the time I retrieved my dogs. She yelled at me that my dogs had ticks and that they needed a tick collar – when I told her they already had them on she yelled at me that they weren’t tick collars (they are in fact – picked them up at Schinnen a month ago); I responded that I realized that it was tick season in the Netherlands and in Germany and that I had collars on them – she yelled at me that the ticks were due to the French and that they came from France (?); then she yelled at me that our dogs were not brushed or combed when they came in (which is true – didn’t know it was a requirement) and that because my dogs weren’t brushed and because my dogs were in the rain, the wound on one of my dogs foot got worse – and that they put ‘tea tree oil’ on it everyday…..

    When I advised her that my dog’s foot that was indeed healing from a previous wound when dropped off (had just finished a round of antibiotics), it certainly was not bleeding or swollen…she then yelled at me that it was like that because the dog’s were in the rain and because they came without being brushed….clearly we are not dealing with a full set of cards here. I asked her why she didn’t have a vet look at it and she said that they put ‘tea tree oil’ on bleeding wounds in the Netherlands….

    Needless to say, I was NOT HAPPY…..

    By the way, my dog was there for a total of 4 days…..not sure how long she would have waited to call in a vet…I will know better tomorrow what the damage, if any, is…

    Regardless, I am not confident that my dogs were cared for appropriately – I will not take my dogs there again and I will not recommend it to anyone.

    I did hear from an American friend that they had a number of problems at the same kennel and that they had heard that a number of other Canadians and Americans did not feel confident their pets were well cared for there. That said, I normally try to form my own opinion, and decided to go with the kennel myself – NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

    thanks for listening to a very concerned pet owner… time, I will make sure I book miles in advance so that I can get my dogs back into the best kennel in the world (also recommended on your blog site) the LIHO!!!!!

    KUDOS to the LIHO!!!!!

    and to the Dierenhotel Abdissenbosch?… should be ashamed!

  3. okosling February 10, 2008 9:37 am #

    The web address for LIHO is:

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