Movie Theaters: Foroxity

Foroxity Filmarena
Rijksweg-Noord 330
6162 AR, Geleen-Sittard

Thinking about moving to Germany, one of the thoughts that crossed our minds was: movies. Would we be able to see the new releases that came out just after we left the states? Would we be able to see them in English before they hit the base theaters?

The happy answer is: YES!

Many (sadly, not all) American films are shown in The Netherlands in their original versions (OV), meaning in English with Dutch subtitles. The Foroxity Filmarena in Sittard is only about 35 minutes from Geilenkirchen. It’s clean, AIR-CONDITIONED, has a nice restaurant, and shows some great movies. (Foroxity is a great hot day hangout.)

IMPORTANT: When looking up movies on the website, pay attention to the OV or NL next to the title. If there is no lettering, it’s most likely the original American version. If it says, OV, it will be in the original version as well. But, if it says NL, then it’s going to be dubbed into Dutch, so unless you speak Dutch, you don’t want to go to that one.

Website tip: If you want to see what is coming up in the next couple months that is not released yet here, click on “Verwacht” in the lower right hand column. There you will see months and dates as it gets closer of new releases. Some movies (not all) have special opening night deals.

Reservations: For popular movies (like Harry Potter and Batman), you’ll want to get your tickets in advance. You can order them online, but the site is in Dutch, so it’s slightly tricky. Call 0031-046-4363300 to reserve tickets over the phone or you can go online and order here. This site ( will show you the premiers that are coming up.

We were even able to see the new Harry Potter movie the night it was released a full 6 hours of the East Coast!

When you plan your time around a movie here, add an hour to be safe. There will be an intermission. Longer movies sometimes have two. It’s irritating at first, but you’ll get used to it and it gives you a chance to use the facilities or get another cappuccino, beer, or snack. Yes, beer. They serve alcohol at the Foroxity and at the Harry Potter premier, they even served free alcoholic “potions.”

If you have GPS and Foroxity doesn’t show up, the Roxy theater entry will get you there. When you get to that main road, just look for the large theater and signs to Foroxity. There’s been a lot of construction, so it can be confusing and some GPS have no idea where they are.

If you have time for the restaurant, the food is good. I like the Insalata de Copa (recipe below). My daughter loves the bitterballen – a Dutch appetizer. They are deep fried balls filled with something gooey inside almost like gravy. They sound disgusting and don’t look much better, but they do taste great.

The ingredient list/recipe for Insalata de Copa:
Romaine or lettuce of choice
Diced green, red, and yellow bell peppers
Diced cucumber
Mozzerella shredded
Honeydew melon chunked
Parma Ham or prosciutto in thin slices

Mix all and drizzle with balsalmic vinegrette.

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  1. Anonymous March 23, 2009 1:55 pm #

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    Show your Foroxity parkingticket at the ticketdesk to denominate it. Foroxity visitors park at no charge.


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