Meerrsen, NL

Meerrsen is in the hill country of South Limburg only 30 minutes from GK house. It’s beautiful to get to as it rests on a high plateau with valleys on either side. The town itself was settled long before the Christian era, but there wasn’t any evidence to that effect that we could see. It’s claim to fame now is its basilica which stands right on the edge of the town square.

Since most of these towns are built with the big church in the center by the market, driving to the center of town is quite easy. You simply follow the steeple. Just a couple blocks from the square, you’ll notice signs for a synagogue. It is closed most of the week with the gate leading to it locked up, but you can still see the beautiful dome and the large entrance door with names crafted onto it.

Historical attractions?
The Basiliek van het Allerheiligste Sacrament is intricately detailed and beautiful. The flying buttresses show off it’s Gothic roots and the steeple with two tiers of bells play beautiful music many times in the day. The inside is special. It has beautiful windows and ornate alters hundreds of years old. Every little detail is perfect. The teoteca (1500), an old pulpit from where sermons are delivered, is quite stunning. It has stairs leading to a round platform midway through it’s structure. All around are extremely detailed carvings depicting different Biblical scenes. It is 9 levels tall -nine tiers of carvings with the platform in the middle. Amazing.

For kids?
Walking around the church, you can enjoy the beautifully landscaped garden park complete with a large goose-filled lake and an old stone bridge. Over the bridge is a nice playground for kids to play. Children will also enjoy bringing old bread for the ducks and geese and running around the nice green space.

All around the square by the basilica are restaurants of all kinds for both long sit-down meals, and quick snacks. There is a decent ice cream place also that serves satay rolls, shaorma rolls, chicken on a stick, satays, lumpia, and more.

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