Long Distance Phone Calls

Calling outside of Germany:

For the best rates, I always use Call-By-Call numbers through the website below. You can check the website when ever you need to call to find out the best rates at the time. I not only use this site to call my family in the states, but also to call friends abroad and my husband when he’s TDY all over Europe.

1. Go to http://www.billiger-telefonieren.de/

2. In the center column under “schnellrechner” you’ll see three pull-down menus. Where it says “ferngesprach,” use the pull down menu to choose the country you want to call. “Heute” means today. If you are calling today, leave it alone. If you want to look up an access number for another day, use the menu to select the day of the week. “Jetzt” means now. You can leave it alone or choose the different hour options – one hour from now, two hours, etc…

3. Click on “Berechnen

4. You will then have a list of access numbers with the price in Euro Cents per minute and the name of the company. The prices for calls to the U.S. are usually as little as 1.2 c/m and as high as 30c/m for the companies at the end of the list. On average, I pay 1.60 c/minute. (So, I can usually talk to my mom for an hour and still pay less than a Euro.)

5. Dial the “zugang” number listed + 001 + (area code) + 7-digit USA phone number for calls in the US.
For calls outside the US, dial the “zugang” + 00 + country code for the country you are calling + phone number you are trying to call.

6. 99% of the time, you will hear a voice telling you in German the rate that you will get for the call before it starts to ring. These calls will show up on your normal phone bill.


  • Sometimes the codes don’t work. You will know immediately. Don’t worry. Just pick another one and try again.
  • Sometimes these codes work for toll-free US numbers and I don’t mind paying the few cents to call. They are not toll-free using these codes and a recorded voice will tell you that. But, sometimes these numbers don’t work. I’ve used the access numbers below to call a couple places in the US using the toll-free numbers. I don’t know if these will work for all… let me know if you run into a problem or if you know of another way.

Calling Toll-Free numbers in the USA:

From Germany: 0800-888-8000
From The Netherlands: 0800-023-5103
From Belgium: 0800-10012 (mobile and payphone blocked)

  1. Dial the Verizon International Access Code (see list above) for the country from which you are calling.
  2. You will be greeted by an English-language voice prompt or an English-speaking Verizon operator, who will request a credit card or calling card number.
  3. Tell the operator that this is an “automated single number termination application”
  4. She will ask for the toll-free number that you are trying to call and will connect you.

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