Local Medical Facilities – Phone List

470th Medical Flight
Dental Clinic
The Dental Clinic’s most important mission is to ensure service members assigned in the Tri-border area are “fit to fight”. The dental clinic assists units with dental readiness requirements by sending reports to commanders to alert them to the dental status of their troops. 
Complete dental service is available to all active duty service members. Active duty sponsors should enroll their family members in the Dependents Dental Plan. Examination and treatment for active duty family members who are not eligible for DDP is available on a space available basis during normal duty hours at the clinic. For more information call 0049-245199-3535.
Medical emergencies
For all medical emergencies, immediately go to the nearest civilian hospital emergency room. The 470th Medical Flight is not equipped to handle emergencies.
Find out which medical emergency facility is closest to your home or location. Make sure the family knows this is the facility of choice. Determine the shortest route from the home to that facility. If new to the area, make a trial run to the facility.
Keep emergency phone numbers posted near the phone where children and adults can easily find them. Below is a list of local civilian hospitals. The 470th Medical Flight does not imply that the quality of care of any civilian hospital is better than the other.
  • St. Elisabeth Krankenhaus, Geilenkirchen, GE, 0049-2451-6220. Pediatric care is not available.
  • Stadtishes Krankenhaus, Heinsberg, GE, 0049-2452-1880. Pediatric care is not available.
  • Atrium Medisch, Brunssum, NL, 0031-45-527-9999. There are no after-hours emergency services. Pediatric and obstetric emergency services are not available.
  • Atrium Medisch Centrum, Heerlen, NL, 0031-45-576-6666.
  • Maasland Ziekenhuis, Sittard, NL, 0031-46-459-7777.
Family members must inform the TRICARE center prior to obtaining routine care by a local provider. If visiting an emergency room after duty hours, notify TRICARE the next day to ensure medical care continuity.
Quick health services list
Central Appointments 0049-245199-3200
      In case the appt line is down, call:  +49(0)-2452-99-3345 or +49(0)-2452-99-3366.
Immunizations/Allergy 0049-245199-3360
Dental Clinic 0049-245199-3535
Pharmacy 0049-245199-3334
CHAMPUS/TRICARE 0049-245199-3400
Referrals(military) 0049-245199-3319
Referrals(local) 0049-245199-3400
TelephoneConsult 0049-245199-3345
HealthAdvisor 0800-022-7944
AfterHours Nurse 0800-022-7944
Health care information hotlines:
Germany 0800-825-1600
Netherlands 0800-022-7944
Belgium 0800-71920

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