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NOTE: Veterinarian in German is “Tierarzt,” so if you are looking in the phone book or even doing an internet search, that is the word to use. In Dutch, use “Dieren Clinic.” I did a simple Yahoo search for “Tierarzt geilenkirchen” and found quite a long list just in that area.

Emergency Care:  “If your pet is in need of emergency, after-hours care you may call the following number.  The number is +49 (0) 24549365151.  It is a recorded message in German and English that will tell you who to call for help.  The Heinsberg area veterinarians take turns being on-call for after hours emergencies.  The person available may or may not be your regular vet, but, there is always someone available at all hours, everyday. ”  ~Reader JW

Dr. Heinz Breickmann, Tierarzt (Veterinarian)
Pastor-Fischenich-Str. 4
52538 Gangelt
Tel: (02454) 2282
Open: M-Sat 10-12; MTThF 4-6:30 (closed on Wed evenings)

This is the second vet that I’ve tried here. I showed up this morning (a Monday) at 0955 and was the second person there. The staff were very friendly and kept track of the patients, so they came and called our names when it was time. The office is large and spacious and everyone was friendly. Dr. Breickmann and his staff handled my aging cat very well. They were gentle and talked to her. He was quick, explained what he was thinking well and clearly, and treated my cat immediately. The visit cost 22 Euros and included a dose of antibiotics that they gave her there. We left 30 minutes after arriving. A successful trip.

Dr. Stefanie Teeuwen
Aachener Strasse 1
Tel: 02451-65069
Cell: 0172-2627729
Hours: M, Tues, Thurs 1630-1830; Wed 1000-1200 and 1800-1900;
Fri 1000-1200 and 1700-1800

A popular clinic located in the front of a huge old farm complex, do show up early. The door may still be locked, but they will let you in. It is first come, first served. I showed up 5 minutes before they opened and had to wait an hour to be seen. Very nice staff and ok English skills, Dr. Teeuwen breeds dogs and has horses, so those are her loves and though she sees all pets, I think she’s better with dogs than cats. Very efficient and knows what she’s doing. 11 Euros to trim a cat’s claw that had grown into her foot.

Groß R. Dr. Brosi
Heinsberger Straße 6
52511 Geilenkirchen, Deutschland
0049 (0)2451 7055

Hours:  Mon-Fri 0900-1200 or call for an appointment outside regular hours

“We have three cats and the times we have been there, they have been excellent. They speak perfect English and are very animal orientated.”

“This is where we went after our girl had a tumor removed, and I highly recommend them.  They were absolutely amazing, and I wish we had known about them before her surgery. Dr. Brosi in GK did the surgery, but didn’t remove it all, so we were sent to Mönchengladbach for her chemo.

4:28pm Apr 18


Dieren Clinic Overhoven
Hillenraedstraedt Straat 37
Sittard, NL
Tel: 0031-46-451-9121
Hours: M-F 1300-1400 and 17-1830 Walk-ins

Excellent English skills, tender care, great for serious illness. Preferred vet for a family who’s tried several.

Dierenkliniek Hoogveld
Hoogveldseweg 34
6102 CB Echt
Tel:  0475 48 51 51
They are large, have vets with different specialties (internal medicine, dermatology and several others) and speak English. They almost always can fit you in the same day for an appointment. Emergency and after-hours care is also excellent. They’ll give you a cost estimate if you ask for one.

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  1. dufoural October 4, 2011 7:37 am #

    First off THANK YOU for this website and the information on it!!, it truly has been a godsend!
    After two months trying to settle in, my husband and I had started discussing which vet to take our bulldogs to when we had an emergency and had find to find a vet on Sunday afternoon. We ended up going to Dierenkliniek Hoogveld in Echt, Netherlands who did absolutely EVERYTHING they could to help our dog. They speak great English, they have an American-looking clinic, clean treatment rooms, handle pets like as if they were their own. Our dog had to stay over for observation, and while they don’t have someone there 24hours/7days a week, there is a video camera focused on the cages that is monitored and all the doctors live close by so that if there is a problem they can come in. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone who loves their animals as much as we love ours. We love you Squirt! RIP buddy!

  2. Anonymous June 27, 2011 2:23 pm #

    Dr. Stefanie Teeuwen in GK is an excellent vet. Her English is great, and her staff is very friendly. She has walk-in hours for routine services, and she is incredibly efficient. For surgeries, teeth cleanings, and services that require more time, she will schedule your pet for a private appointment outside of her office hours. My dog required abdominal surgery to remove some fatty tumors, and Dr.Teeuwen did an outstanding job. Also, the surgery cost about half the price as it would have in the US. I highly recommend her.

  3. jenny March 8, 2011 5:16 pm #

    my dog was acting depressed and coughing a little when i moved to gangelt, so i called dr. breickmann’s office. you don’t need an appointment, and the staff is very friendly and some of them speak english. dr. breickmann speaks english very well, and was extremely friendly and gentle with my dog. she was given a checkup and diagnosed with a little tonsillitis (aka doggie cold from the move). he wasn’t eager to over-medicate her and offered a weekend followup if she didn’t start feeling better. the entire visit only cost me 14 euros, but be aware they do not take visa or american credit cards – only cash or the german bank cards with the chip. they also have an emergency “on call” service that local vets have formed in case something comes up with your pet during off hours. i highly recommend this vet.

  4. Anonymous July 3, 2009 9:29 pm #

    I took my cat and dog here for their vaccinations and not only had only a very short wait with no appointment but the staff were all very friendly, spoke very good English and very child friendly (I had two yound children with me) there is even colouring things in the waiting room and Dr.Breikmann helped me with the buggy and pets back to the car, the cost for all vaccinations for kenneling was 148 euro for both the dog and the cat.

  5. Kelly May 30, 2009 8:10 am #

    My husband and I took our cats to see Dr Breickmann and we were relieved to find that he spoke excellent English. We took our cats in during the afternoon hours with very little wait and no appt. We got our cats the proper micro chip and de-worming medicine for a total of €75 after the VAT form.

  6. Anonymous January 22, 2008 7:12 am #

    Having three aging animals in a foreign country it is a relief to find a vet close that speaks excellent English. I have heard mixed reviews for Dr. Breikmann, but I have to say he’s been excellent with both of my dogs….he hasn’t seen the cat because she doesn’t leave the house. Dr. Breikmann recently did a biopsy on one of my dogs….he was very good and even did a house visit the next day to check on him and give me some pain medication to make him more comfortable. Now where would you find that kind of service in North America without selling your first born!
    I have no complaints about Dr. Breikmann or his very friendly, English speaking staff.

  7. Anonymous July 23, 2007 8:40 pm #

    Without giving away specifics, while this vet does seem to do well with routine visits and basic maladies, one family has told me that he not only badly misdiagnosed their dog’s illness, but may have caused another illness that was irreversible by the time another vet had gotten to it. There is another vet in Geilenkirchen that some use and one in Echt that seems worth the drive.


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