Indoor/Outdoor Swim Center in Würselen

Recommended by a friend…

Euregio Freizeitbad Würselen
Willy-Brandt-Ring 100

52146 Würselen

Open for Public Swimming: M-Th 1300-2000, Fri 1300-2100, Sat-Sun 1000-2100

This place is an excellent place for families no matter what the weather outside. There are outdoor pools available as the weather allows, but there is plenty to do indoors to keep kids busy. For small children, they can enjoy the huge pirate ship with small slides to the shallow pool below, lots of large squirt guns, and a fast water slide for kids under age 10 that kept my 6 and 7 year olds very happy. A sectioned off shallower area is a quiet (and safe) place for smaller children like toddlers and babies with their mommies.

There’s a wave pool, a lazy river, and two large water slides for older kids, and another larger pool on the other end of the place. My 7 year old did ok with the lazy river, but I recommend an adult with children that age or younger even if they are competent swimmers. That area is a lot of fun, but there are a lot of young people getting silly and it is good for an adult to keep an eye out. You can bring floaties and inflatable tubes for the kids. There are large blue inner tubes provided there but they go fast, so it isn’t guaranteed that you’ll get your hands on one.

Admission includes a spacious locker. If you get there early (or are lucky), you can put your things on a table and “stake your claim” on it for the day. There are a lot of tables and chairs to use as a home base. There is food – both healthy and not. The fries were decent and the spaghetti looked good. We loved the ice cream bars – one with coffee ice cream and thick dark chocolate.

When you arrive and pay (a three hour or all day ticket – family passes are available for significant savings), you’ll get a ticket per person with a bar code on it. This is what you will use to get your locker. Insert one ticket in the slot on the inside part of the door and the key will release. You will need your tickets to leave, so keep track of them. There is some time built into the 3 hour pass for “getting dressed” time, but I’m not sure how long. We paid for three hours, but with changing, ended up leaving almost 4 hours later and were not charged extra for it.

There are Aquana employees wandering around watching, but they don’t seem to be very strict or to supervise well – so, parents, you will need to watch your younger children.

Food and shoes: I’d heard that you couldn’t wear shoes at all and couldn’t bring in your own food. I wore my water shoes and saw several other people wearing crocs and other water shoes. That wasn’t a problem. As for food, I did see several people with food that obviously wasn’t purchased there. They will probably discourage a cooler and it might depend on who’s working, but a few food items in your bag probably won’t be a problem.

Aquana has more than the pool area. They do have a sauna and a full spa with regular spa services.

Gift certificates (gutschein) available, sauna, baby-changing station, and swim diapers sold on site. Check the website for more information. Some of it is in English.

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