Haus Immendorf

Haus Immendorf
LandCafe and Backerei
52511 – Immendorf

Tel: 02451-9153435

Mon- Sat: 0700 – 1900 (closed on Tuesdays)
Sun: 0800 – 1900

Reservations suggested for large groups

Breakfast is served until 1230 all days. Bakery items and beverages are available all day. After 1230, there is a soup of the day and a meat/cheese/bread plate.

The place: Behind the pond is the large cafe with plenty of indoor seating where you can still be a part of the outdoors with their large windows. When weather cooperates, you can also sit outside in clean, well-cared-for patio furniture. All the place is clean. The bathrooms are very nice. Off to one side, outdoors, is a play structure for children with two swing, a sandbox, a slide, and a tall tree-house that is a lot of fun, but could be scary for very little ones. My three-year old does well there.

The food: The menu is small. Don’t go expecting a large American breakfast. But, the German breakfast is excellent. I usually order the bauern-fruestuck which includes 2 breads, meats, cheeses, jellies, a coffee or tea, and orange juice all for around 5 euros. If you order the same meal with others, they’ll bring out a larger basket with assorted breads – usually a broetchen and a sliced bread for each. The meat and cheese tray will also be assorted. Larger breakfasts include more of the above and also an egg. Remember, the breakfast is only available until 1230 and they really stick to that. Anytime of day you can try one of the delicious baked item they serve. The himbeertortchen (raspberry tart) is filled with a very light custard in a light, flaky, sugared crust. All the desserts are delicious and, you can also have delicious home-made ice cream seasonally (May-Sept – usually).

If you want “real” food after the breakfast time, they do offer a daily soup. The 4 Euro “wurst oder kase” plate is good. You can have sliced bread with an assortment of deli meats, cheeses, or a combination. About 5 open faced sandwiches came on a plate with lettuce and cucumbers on the side. It was enough to share when we had dessert also. As opposed to the breakfast which is all served separately for you to assemble, the cheese or meat plates come assembled with a generous heaping of butter spread on each slice of bread. Too much for me. If I were to get that again, I’d ask for it “ohne butter” — without butter.

To go or not to go: Go, definitely as long as you don’t need a super-sized meal. This place is nice for a group of ladies socializing. It is great for breakfast, coffee, or cake. It is nice for families together who don’t need a huge meal and groups with children. The portions are good and I am always filled up, so don’t think by my comments that you can’t get filled up here, but steak and potatoes, it’s not, so do go, but adjust your expectations accordingly.

Kids? YES! They have a playground. They have ice cream and hot chocolate and kids breakfasts served with nutella! This place is VERY kid friendly and if you sit outside where the kids can run off and play within view, you may even enjoy a peaceful adult conversation! Kids will also like peering over the little fence to watch the ducks and turtles in the pond.

Take home: The bakery is excellent, so before you go, grab some breads or dessert items. You won’t be sorry!


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    […] On a recent whirlwind visit to GK I made time to go to Immendorf.  On a nice day, this is just about as good as it gets if you want to sip a coffee or a beer and visit with friends.  The beauty of this place goes well beyond the delicious German breakfasts and the amazing array of cakes and breads.  This place has a lake with turtles and a playground.  Between those two, young children will be kept busy enough for you to enjoy a bit of adult conversation.  Add in the delicious and super inexpensive ice cream and you may never leave. […]

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