Haus Hamacher – Café Restaurant, Swim and Mini-Golf

Neighbor’s recommendation…

Café Restaurant Haus Hamacher
Am Freibad 10
52538 Gangelt
Telefon: (0 24 54) 14 14
Telefax: (0 24 54) 93 93 01
Open: Monday-Saturday 1100-2200 and Sunday 1000-2200

Mon-Fri — 0600-1900
Tues 0600-2100
Sat-Sun and Holidays 0730-1900

Just go. This is a place you want to know about. Using bike trails, you can bike there from your village, then spend the day swimming, mini-golfing, or renting paddle boats. Hunger is never a problem at Haus Hamacher where you can get an excellent meal, even on Sundays.

Older kids who can go with a group of friends will love walking or biking here and spending a hot summer day staying cool, swimming and eating pool food like french fries and gummy candy.

This is where my neighbor, who’s lived here here entire life, spent her 80th birthday with a party of 50 people. They had a full meal with the works – expensive at about 30E/person – but the taste was perfect. If she thinks it’s special, then it really is.

NOTE: I recently sent my parents there who LOVED it and RAVED about how great it was. They enjoyed a fantastic cappuccino and delicious cake and hoped to eat dinner there, but they and others had to be turned away as the entire place was booked for dinner. So, DO MAKE RESERVATIONS! This place is known and loved by locals, so you need to call ahead for dinner.

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