Gymnastics Classes

Reader Recommendation…

Turncentrum Turning Point
Economiestraat 8b
6135 KV Sittard
Tel: (0031) 0630-495045

Not only do I know of an American family whose children take classes here, but one of my Dutch friends took classes here for years and highly recommends it. The website isn’t as easy to navigate as some and though this next years schedule is up, it will take talking to someone to figure out what class is best for you or your child. Still, a quick call or email should do the trick. The staff are friendly and able to answer all your questions in English.

Cost: The first month’s cost of 30 Euros includes the membership fee. The second and subsequent months are 15 Euros. The little ones ages 3 and older meet on Saturday mornings from 1030 – 1200. There’s a class on Tuesday evenings as well for the older children 6 and older. Try up to two classes for free.

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