Geilenkirchen Market – Tuesdays and Fridays

The market in Geilenkirchen is small, but good. It has the essentials. Meat, cheese, produce, plants… sometimes pierogies, fresh pasta, leather goods, and other random things. It’s worth a stop.

When I go, I never miss the cheese guy.

The “cheese guy” at the Geilenkirchen market on Fridays is absolutely wonderful. He speaks beautiful English, is very friendly, and can teach you about the cheeses as he gives you samples. I always enjoy my stops there learning about a new cheese. You will not get good ol‘ American cheddar here. These cheeses are all made from fresh, unpasteurized milk. He can tell you where each cheese comes from and for some, which cows produced them. With wine sold there as well, he is also available to do wine and cheese events as well.


  • Pierre Robert made from creme fraich
  • St. Nectaire AOC (AOC is a quality control label for French cheeses. Out of 1000 French cheeses, only 47 have this coveted marking)
  • Goat cheese rounds with cinnamon, figs, or papaya (hidden behind the counter – just ask)
Information on cheese vendor:
Wein & Kaese Events
Elke Pennartz

Feldstrasse 81; 52146 Wurselen
Tel: 0172-5356204

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  1. Anonymous February 24, 2010 12:30 pm #

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