Gasthaus Pyrmonter Mühle – Mosel Lodging

Gasthaus Pyrmonter Mühle
56754 Roes (for the GPS look for Burg Pyrmont or the town of Roes) Tel.: 0 26 72- 73 25

If you’re looking for a place to stay on the Mosel, this bed and breakfast is one to try.

The rooms are small, but the location just below the Burg Pyrmont and atmosphere inside make up for that. The restaurant is fabulous and the complimentary breakfast is also very good.

This is worth going to at least once and is one that I’ll go to again.

Though it is small, they are kid friendly.

Zimmer means room. Frei means available. You may are may not get someone on the phone with tremendous English skills, so use the words above and you’ll do fine.

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