Gangelt is the town about 7K from us down the road that many of you probably drive by on a daily basis to get to the base. It’s easy to drive through the cramped main street and not really think about the town, but it’s worth a stop.

If you have some time to stop and check out the history, you can enjoy a nice walk in Gangelt.

Gangelt is a small town, but it still has a lot of remnants of its history. Many parts of its old city wall still stand with small lookouts in them. They are now incorporated in the city and blend in with the brick buildings. The city tower was originally built in 1364, but was destroyed with most of the town by fire in 1484. It was built again in 1511, then destroyed again 31 years later. In 1791, the persistent locals built it again and now it remains, beautiful, though not as old as the town. It is a private residence now and has a beautiful white horse near it – I look at it and think that may be Rapunzel should be peering out its top windows.

The church with its flying buttresses is impressive in such a small town. It has a lot of old tombstones around it right against the church wall. Then around back are more tombstones, some very fancy and ornate, but new. They curve around the back of the church and then continue intermittently through a landscaped garden. Each stone has flowers all around it and a tiny lantern. Most of the lanterns are glowing with lit candles. It is beautiful – both the church and the way they care for the stones there.

Gangelt has a wild animal park (from the first roundabout entering Gangelt on the B56 heading west, take the third exit and follow the signs to the animal park).

There is also a nice playground near the rathaus.

If you want to swim – you’ll find a very nice recreational area in the southern part of Gangelt on the left on your way to the wild animal park by Haus Hamacher. Haus Hamacher is a nice full-service, family-owned restaurant. Just around it, you’ll find the swimming pool, small lake with paddle boats, and walking/biking trails into the forest.

Café Restaurant Haus Hamacher
Am Freibad 10
52538 Gangelt
Telefon: (0 24 54) 14 14
Telefax: (0 24 54) 93 93 01
Open: Monday-Saturday 1100-2200 and Sunday 1000-2200

Just outside of town you’ll find most of your shopping. Extra is a nice store with a full grocery and then a bit of this and that. I like their deli and bakery. Remember to weigh your produce before you get to the cash register. The Fressnapf is a nice pet store. Kik offers a variety of inexpensive things. I go there for party favors and stocking stuffers or kid clothing basics. DM has some nice samples and random foods and cosmetics. It’s worth going into just to see what’s there.

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