Eis Paradies Penners – Tuddern


Eis Paradies Penners

Millener Weg 25
Tuddern 52538
Tel: 02456-4646
Email: gerdpenners@t-online.de
Open 7 Days a week from May until September 2pm-9pm

Review: This is known by many here as one of the best ice cream places around. I’d have to agree. Not only is the home-made ice cream delicious and beautifully presented, but it is clean, relaxing, spacious, and perfect for couples, groups, and families with it’s a spacious outdoor seating area and large playground. For as little as .60 Euro a scoop, your kids can enjoy a treat before they play. You can then sit and relax with a beer, cappuccino, or other beverage and a large becher of ice cream. A becher? YUM. Get any flavor and you’ll enjoy a large glass filled with ice cream, fruits, nuts, sauces – you name it, they serve it. I enjoy the erdbeer (strawberry) becher or iced coffee the best. My husband loves the eier liquor becher. But… try what sounds good to you… they are all good and for just 4 Euros for the large dish of ice cream, you won’t have room for dinner.

 The bathrooms are clean and the women’s bathroom has a spacious changing counter.

There’s a huge slide and a nice playground that they keep up pretty well changing things just a bit each season.  There are usually a couple miniature horses across the fence too that children love to talk to and pet.  It’s a wonderful family place.

The Menu:

Photo by Megan Kane
Photo by Megan Kane

Getränke = beverage
Alkoholfreie = alcohol-free
Alkoholische = alcoholic
Heiße = hot

Sahne = whipped cream (usually not sweet)

Pfirsich = peach

Amarena/Kirche = cherry (The former is a type of cherry from Italy)

 Cocos = coconut
 Erdbeer = strawberry
Heidelbeer = blueberry

Schlumpf = Smurf (it’s the blue one, sweet.  Kids like it)

Stracciatella = delicious combination of vanilla and flecks of chocolate

Zitrone = Lemon

Waldmeister = Sweet Woodruff

Gemischtes Obst = mixed fruit

Überraschungsbecher = surprise bowl

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  1. Anonymous July 2, 2012 1:55 pm #

    Deliouse ice cream, not to pricey either. Love taking family here for dessert when they are in town.

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