Ear Piercing and Watch Batteries

When it was time to pierce my daughter’s ears, I got all sorts of crazy recommendations to go to assorted creepy Dutch tattoo parlors – places that I certainly didn’t‘ want to haul my daughter into.
We eventually tried a nice little place in downtown Geilenkirchen that did a beautiful job, and didn’t charge a lot of money. They also speak some English which helps.

The sign says “Uhren Schmuk” and it is the small jewelry place right across the street from the church, fountain, and restaurant, just a couple doors down from Stadt hotel. There is a long wall of watches right by the doorway.

They also sell watch batteries and will open up your watch and take care of it for you in about 15 minutes. The entire process including battery will cost between 6 and 9 Euros.

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  1. Anna June 6, 2009 4:52 pm #

    How old do they have to be in order to get their ears pierced?

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