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In Vaals, NL, only about 45 minutes from the GK area, you’ll find Drielandenpunt. The “Three land point” is the highest point in the Netherlands and the place where the borders of Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands all touch each other. In hill country with lots of trees and rolling fields of crops and cows with many white half-timbered farmhouses sprinkled among them, the mount where the borders collide is a mishmash of curvy roads and tiny houses squished together, but the top is flat and forested with trails running throughout making it a very nice place for walking, running, biking, and roller blading alone or with the family.

Open 365 days a year daily, 24 hours a day
Price: Free entrance to the Drielandenpunt area, the large playground (we love the playground!), walking trails, and picnic areas.Maze/Labyrinth
The maze takes 60-90 minutes to get through – even with the help of the tiny little map. Hint: The exit and entrance are connected, so if you get lost and frustrated when you find the entrance 4 times and not the exit, then you can go to the entrance and turn right through the gate that will get you out. There are benches to sit within the maze if you get tired. There are also water traps that could soak you if you aren’t careful.

Open: from March until 1 November daily from 1000-1800. The ticket booth closes at 1700.
Price: 3 Euros for adults and 2.50 Euros for children up to age 12.

Tower with View of the three countries
Adults 3 Euros, Children 2 Euros.
Take the elevator or the stairs to the top for an amazing view. The stairs do wrap around the outside of the tower and do have an open space, so if you are wearing sandals and one drops, you may not know what country it will land in. :)

You won’t find an ATM machine, so bring cash. The parking, viewing tower, maze, and of course, food and gifts do cost money. The cement pillar, large playground, and walking trails are all free. Parking: Parking costs 2 Euros and the machines only take 1E, 2E, or 50 cent coins. There is plenty of it. Go early if you can, especially on a hot day. Kids: Yes, take the kids. They’ll love the large playground and maze. Bring water on a hot day.

What’s there: Restaurants, ice cream stand, souvenir shops, large playground, maze, viewing tower, and a photo-op by the cement pillar that marks the point where the three countries come together.

Food: You can bring in your own food and beverages or you can buy it all there. There is an ice cream place, drinks and sandwiches right next to the playground so you can sit and eat while the kids play. Or, you can also take advantage of the sit down restaurant with a more extensive menu.

Grounds: Again, the trails extend quite a ways, so bring your bikes and enjoy the ride.

Free amusement: Watch the bazaar game of twister than people play by the little pillar as they try to get each hand and foot in a different country. It’s funny.


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