Dance/Gymnastic Apparel

#1 question overheard the first week of dance class? Where do we buy the ballet slippers?

For satin toe shoes, ballet slippers, jazz shoes, tap shoes, jazz boots, dance apparel, and seasonal swim suits, Django is a one-stop shop.

The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and speak beautiful English. If you are shopping for Point (Toe) shoes, do call ahead. There are a couple people there that fit those type of ballet shoe, but they are not there all the time, so it is best, if making the trip to go on a day that they are working.

Django, Le Papillon
Hoofdstraat 12
6436 Amstenrade
Tel: 046-4424421

Hours: Sun-Mon closed, Tues-Fri 1000-1800, Thurs 1000-2000, Sat 1000-1700
(In the summer, they are only open on Thursdays until 1800. There is a 3 week vacation time in the summer when they are closed, so call ahead or email in the July/August time frame.)

On your way to Schinnen, as you go under the bridge and curve to the left, instead of turning to the right towards Puth, curve around to the left, then turn right onto that main road. The first right at the signal will take you on a road that will take you directly into Amstenrade. Django is on the main road across and down slightly from the Albert Hein.

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  1. Anonymous October 6, 2009 7:17 am #

    At Django the children’s canvas ballet shoes are about 22 Euro, and the leather are about 36. I have heard there are also a couple of other possibilities, one is a dance shop somewhere in the shopping area of Heinsberg and another sporting goods store somewhere near the arena in NL- if anyone knows the addresses of these maybe they can post them.

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