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If you consult your local phone book for tanzen schule, you’ll see more dance schools than you’ll ever want to call. I tried to sit down and call a few, but that got old really quickly. So, word of mouth works as well. Here are my discoveries. Please send in yours and I’ll add them to the list.

IYA (International Youth Activities) Dance Classes

Stella Schinagl teachers ballet, tap, and jazz classes at the
IYA every day beginning at 3pm from September until June. She is a graduate of the London College of Dance & Drama, so she teaches classical ballet very well. Her style of jazz is also fun and her music choices are appropriate. She is best for beginning and intermediate students and if she had enough advanced students to hold a class, she would also teach that well. My oldest daughter did take private lessons for a short while and the training was intense and excellent. Stella is very detail oriented with the older ones, but very kind and sweet to her young students.

Classes are held in the IYA Multi-purpose Room at GK just next door to the Elementary School.

Cost:- 14 Euro/month for one class. Each additional class is 8 Euro.
Register on your first day.
For more information call the IYA at: 49-02451-63-4955

Ballet Tap & Jazz

Tots (age 3-5) – Monday 1515 – 1600 Beginners – Tuesday 1600 – 1700
Pre-primary – Tuesday 1500 – 1600 – Wednesday 1500 – 1600
Primary – Thursday 1600 – 1700 Elementary – Tuesday 1700 – 1800
Grade I – Wednesday 1600 – 1700 Grade I – Thursday 1700 –1800
Grade II – Wednesday 1700 – 1800 Advanced – Monday 1700 – 1800
Grade III – Monday 1600 – 1700

Danzaira balletstudio
Putstraat 82
HN Sittard
Tel: (0031) 046-452-5281

Zaira Valencia was born in Mexico City into a family of professional dancers, so dancing comes quite naturally to her. She met her husband vacationing on the Mexican coast, fell in love, and then moved to the Netherlands to be with him. She now owns and runs Danzaira – a small ballet studio on Putraat (by the market) in Sittard.

She offers the entire range of ballet classes from Mommy and Me to pre-professional including point classes. Her studio also teaches jazz, modern, hip-hop, flamenco, and adult classes. The classes are taught primarily in Dutch, but Zaira does speak beautiful English and will also teach in English as needed and is very willing to answer the student’s questions.

If you look online or at the school brochure and see prices, remember that those are FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR and not month to month as most American schools. So, the cost of dance here is significantly less that you’re probably used to paying.

Another bonus for sending your student to Zaira is that her studio is just two blocks from the Market square in Sittard which means a lot of shopping, and great places to sit and enjoy a coffee and a book while you wait.

Geilenkirchen Dance School:
Balletstudio Sylvia Jaud
Kondrad Adenauer Strasse (Stadtpassage)
Geilenkirchen 52511
Tel: 02451-1770

Summer Programs:
The English National Ballet School has a summer program for ages 11-19.

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