Cafe Gaudi

Gaudi Brasserie Ijssalon
Markt 26
6131 EL Sittard
Tel: (0031) 046-4588994
Fax: (0031) 046-4588996

I enjoyed Gaudi enough to eat there two days in a row. Ijssalon means ice cream parlor, and they do have ice cream, but being right next to Die Twee (the best ice cream on the markt), I didn’t go there for the sweets.

Both days we ate indoors. The seating area inside is small, but I went with a group of 13 and, sitting all together at separate tables, it worked out well. There is a no-smoking section in the back that is nice as well and the bathrooms are clean.

The food is what we went back for and it will bring me there again. Don’t think the soups and salads are light fare… they are deceivingly filling. Delicious! Day one I had the large Bourgondische Salad. It was loaded with extras, but too big to even eat all the shrimp that came on top. The dressing was a little sweet for me, but good. Next time I’d order it on the side so I could use a little less of it. The next day I had a small Spekjes salad – bacon and hot goat cheese – good enough that five of us ordered the same thing on day too and the only sound at our table was subdued crunching and an occasional “mmmmm.” The tomato soup got rave reviews from my friend and I enjoyed my daughter’s onion soup (uiensoep) so much with it’s thick topping of french bread and cheese, that I ordered one of my own.

They do have a kids menu with quite a few options and the dessert menu, though I was too stuffed to take advantage of it, looks very good. Of the 13 of us that went there on day 2, 9 were kids, but the waiter was very nice, efficient, and not at all put off by the tidbits of food on the floor. I said something as we left about the children, and he said, “No problem. This is what we do. We have children here all the time.”

So, go to Gaudi? Definitely. The food is delicious and our waiter was wonderful.

Bring kids? Yes! This is one of the only places that I’ve eaten at on the markt with a separate children’s menu. They are prepared.

Prices? Reasonable for the generous amounts of food. There is no skimping on goodies. If you order a salad with bacon, expect to see LOTS of bacon.

Bourgondische Salad Groot (large) 12.50
This is the delicious salad with spicy prawns among other things. The dressing is very rich. I’d order it on the side.

Spekjes Salad Klein (small) 5.75 Spekjes Salad Large 10.50
This salad is loaded with bacon (good European bacon) and good hot cheese. It’s amazing. The small is enough to fill you up, I think, or to leave just a tiny bit of room for dessert. With a bowl of soup, I had to be rolled out of the place.

Tomatensoep 3.50
A nice sized bowl.

Uiensoep 4.50
With a large slice of French bread floating on top with melted cheese over it. Delicious. Will order again. This soup is HOT. Order on a cold wintry day.

Chilren’s Menu 4.25
Tweety = chicken nuggets with fries
Lady and the Vagebond = spaghetti with meatballs

Drink Menu:
Drinks ranged from 1.40 for milk to 1.90 for an iced tea with sodas and coffee drinks all falling in the middle.

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