Bis Bis or Rd4 Locations

One treasured tidbit of knowledge that many local spouses seek is the location of the infamous Rd4 (also known as Bis Bis) stores. These Dutch junk shops resemble our Goodwill without the charitable donations. In the back of most stores you’ll see large bins where locals will drive up and dump their stuff. Loving IKEA and wanting to modernize, the Dutch get rid of some really good stuff! And, that works to our advantage. From the truly tacky to the truly beautiful, you’ll find a little bit of everything. Most of the store will be full of donations – stuff literally just thrown away, but a small section of each store will also have “nicer” items that people have left on consignment. Since the owners of the item set the price, these items can be a little more expensive, but they also tend to have a higher value. Prices on all things do come down over time and prices can be negotiable depending on who you talk to. And, yes, they do deliver.


Kringloop Centrale Parkstad
Haefland 7
6441 PA Brunssum
T: 0031-45-525-9000


Kringloopcentrum BIS-BIS
Milieuparkweg 13; Sittard 6136
Tel: (0031) 046-4208787


Kringloopcentrum Rd4
deCramer 9; Heerlen 6413
Tel: (0031) 045-5437100


Kringloopcentrum Rd4
Spekhofstraat 4; Kerkrade 6466
Tel: (0031) 045-5437100


Abdissenweg 1; Maastricht 6222
Tel: (0031) 043-3620858


Kringloop Bedrijf Midden-Limburg
Maasbrachterweg 5; Montfort 6065
Tel: (0031) 0900-8212248


Kringloopcentrum BIS-BIS
Mijnheerkensweg 31a; Roermond 6041
Tel: (0031) 0475-331335


Kringloopcentrum BIS-BIS
St. Antoniussstraat 5a; Baexum 6095
Tel: (0031) 0475-331335


Kringloopcentrum BIS-BIS
Broeklaan 120; Reuver 5953
Tel: (0031) 077-4745867


Kringloopcetnrum de Cirkel
Wietelweg 13; Panningen 5981
Tel: (0031) 077-3827766


Kringloopcetnrum de Cirkel
James Cookweg 8b; Venlo 5928
Tel: (0031) 077-3827766


Kringloopcetnrum de Cirkel
Henseniusstraat 17; Venray 5801
Tel: (0031) 077-3827766

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  1. Kringloopwinkel Frans 2de Hands March 17, 2009 3:22 pm #

    Kringloopwinkel Frans 2de Hands
    Ganzeweide 69
    6413 GB Heerlen

    Maandag: Gesloten
    Dinsdag: 10-00 tot 18-00 uur
    Woensdag: 10-00 tot 18-00 uur
    Donderdag: 10-00 tot 18-00 uur
    Vrijdag: 10-00 tot 18-00 uur
    Zaterdag: 10-00 tot 16-00 uur


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