Barkenhof – Gourmet food paradise

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Breberener Strasse 14
52538 Selfkant-Saeffelen

Tel: 02455-920090

Hours: Tues-Fri 10am-1pm and 3pm-6.30pm, Sat. 10am-4pm, Sun 2pm-6pm
CLOSED Mondays

“The Barkenhof is one of the most incredible shops that I’ve discovered since I’ve been living over here in Germany. It is owned by Olaf and Elke Barken and it’s not just a store, it’s an Experience!

Gourmet Food: Olaf and Elke travel around the world to find the best olive oils, cheeses, wines, coffees, teas, vinegars etc. When you go there, you can sample everything before you buy it and Olaf will tell you much information about each item. You can literally be there for an hour while he brings out more samples for you to try. He’ll give you sips of wine, while you try his newest cheese or sample his newest olive oil that he just brought back from Spain. His wife will brew up one of their unique tea blends. I make sure I’m good and hungry every time I go there! They are incredibly nice people and speak very good English as well.

The Shop: They sell all the gourmet food mentioned above. They also sell kitchen-related items such as unique looking dishes, place mats, and gift items such as home-made soaps, candles etc. There are always different things available.

A Caution: This place can be fairly expensive. I never leave without spending at least 50 euros – but I always buy several items of meat, cheese, wine, tea, olive oil etc. If you only buy one or two items you will not spend as much money, but I just can’t seem to resist myself when I go there! Also, this place is probably not young-child friendly as there are many breakables and not much room to maneuver strollers around. But for gourmet food and unique gift items, it’s the best.

Location: They are located in a beautiful centuries-old house in Saeffelen. Their shop doubles as their house so sometimes the door might be locked even though they are open. Just knock – they will be happy to let you in!”

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  1. Karyn July 28, 2007 7:44 am #

    I’m sure you will hear a lot of enthusiasm for this place. I recommend it highly on my own blog. Just be aware that Olaf is seriously considering selling the business and moving to Majorca…but hopefully he will change his mind!

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