Ernestos Mexican Cantina, Sittard

Ernestos Mexican Cantina
Markt 32
Sittard, Limburg 6131
Tel: (0031) 046-45-81331

Tonight, I decided to try something new and went to Ernesto’s Mexican Cantina at the markt in Sittard. It sits between the upscale Meds and the little costume shop. You’ll know it by it’s brightly colored patio and chairs.

Atmosphere? Quirky. It’s long and narrow and decorated wall to wall with random souvenirs from Mexico ranging from the moderately nice to the downright tacky. At our table hung a metal skeleton – not the most appealing dining companion, but interesting.

Food? Ok, so we ordered the Topopos Grande and quesadillas to share. The quesadillas were average – I mean, we were at a Mexican cantina in The Netherlands, so it isn’t going to be phenomenal, but the flavor was good and if you’re desperate for Mexican, it’s passable. The Topopos consisted of a basket of thick overly salted chips with three small bowls of salsa, guacamole, and garlic sauce. Again, average. Good to know it’s there, but I don’t need to go again.

Surprise… I ordered a cappuccino (when do I not order a cappuccino? never). I’m always curious about how it will be delivered. The cappuccino itself was pretty ugly. The foam wasn’t smooth, but dimpled like foccacia before you bake it. But, the sweet surprise came on the plate that accompanied the overly strong dimpled drink. The plate was piled with a multitude of white and brown sugar cubes and sitting in the middle was a delicious chocolate covered profiterole (cream puff). So, may be I’d go there just for the cream puffs. That was great!

Party Zone? Definitely. This is the place to go if you want to stay out late. They are open EVERY day (Sundays too) from 1700 until 0200, and, most nights, they have live music. The poster that intrigued me the most had a picture of a row of Russian Matrioshka dolls on it and in large letters, it read, “Ernestos Presenteert: Russische Disco met Transit 55 “Gipsy Groove.” Russian disco???!?!?! Hard to imagine. I may have to check that one out! Besides, I just googled “Ernesto’s Sittard” and it came up with a ton of hits with band names, so it looks like it has a history and has even had a few albums produced there during live concerts.

For Kids? Yeah, at 5:30, there were very few people there, so it wasn’t overly smoky or loud. The chips and salsa made my three little people happy, so for a non-ice cream snack place at the Sittard Market, it isn’t bad, but then, most days, I’d rather go to Bagels and Beans. Still, if you’re out later and need a quick snack, it isn’t horrible. And, most of the bands don’t start until 10pm – way after the little one’s bedtime.

Smoking? There is a nice sign in the window indicating both a smoking AND non-smoking section, but when I asked for the non-smoking section, I got a very ambiguous answer and was seated just three feet from the only smoker in the place. But, like most places in this area, it’s all hit or miss.

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